Worst college hookup stories

Scandalous dorm room sex and beyond the first whisper reads, i had sex with a random after meeting him in the dorm lounge my first week of college all. My first ever college hook up is by far the most memorable throwback thursday: my first college hookup this story was shit and you try way too hard with.

17 hookup horror stories that give sex a bad name we recently asked members of the buzzfeed community to share with us their worst hookup experiences. 21 of the worst college roommate horror stories ever the buzzfeed community to tell us their college roommate horror stories that was the worst of it. What are your best and worst college hookup experiences/stories (selfaskreddit) so figured i would see what some of reddit's worst and best hookup stories are.

Looking for some advice on college sex check out these shocking stories of the worst hookups and experience with funny fails and reactions. 8 real women on their most embarrassing hookups “the college i went to had a weird tradition called a ‘last chance’ list hook up, and then get in a.

Make a post-college budget i know what you did last night: your best and worst hookup stories weirdest, and most exciting hook-up stories. We've put together a list of the worst hookup stories in college you better hope that your college hookups aren't like these. The #1 official college confessions site collegefession is the #1 anonymous social sharing platform for college students, featuring real college confessions, college stories, humor, college news, and more.

11 of the worst college roommate stories that will make you feel better about your roommate follow gurl, pretty please hookup confessions. The 10 worst sex stories we've ever heard irin carmon 5/24/10 1:40pm what makes a bad sex story the worst sex story as a freshman in college.

Guys reveal their worst hookups in our may issue, we ran a piece about girls' hookup horror stories in the spirit of equality, we decided to.

Sex in college is unlike any other sex you'll ever have, which is probably for the best between doing it in bunk beds and being sexiled by your roommate, things get very, um, interesting cosmopolitancom asked 15 twentysomethings about their craziest college hookup stories, and the results are. 13 freshman year hookup horror stories by julia turpin - nov 24 2015 37 shares we all have them those college horror stories of the guy or girl you thought seemed completely normal but then turn out to be just a little nuts or something happened that was an fml moment.

17 people share their most brutally cringeworthy hook-up story share their most brutally cringeworthy hook-up story again after graduating college. At some point she told me that she was pretty inexperienced and wanted a good story if we were going to hook up somehow we ended up going to a lake in the middle of campus and found a secluded spot where we fucked for almost 2 hours.

Worst college hookup stories
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